Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Science Stories Continued

Most Impossible Not To Mention
Hurricanes Intensify Global Warming Debate (1)
My Synopsis: The debate still rages, but it seems that global warming doesn't create more hurricanes, it just makes the ones we already have more intense.
Why It Must Be Included: Because lately, the weather refuses to be ignored.

Story That Pissed Me Off the Most
Bush Administration's Moral Mandates Curtail AIDS Relief (26)
My Synopsis: The US Government makes stipulations about the policies of the organizations that get its financial help.
Why It Pissed Me Off: Yet another example of US Republicans trying to police the world and force their religious agenda on other groups. And that ain't right.

Best Story I Didn't Quite Understand But Wish I Did
Theorists Close In on Twin Prime Conjecture (47)
Synopsis: Since I'm still foggy although intrigued, I'll stick to a direct quote: "mathematicians Daniel Goldston of San Jose State University, Cem Yalçin Yildirim of Bogaziçi University in Istanbul and János Pintz of the Renyi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest reported they had discovered how prime numbers are dispersed among all numbers"
Why I'm Intrigued: Because I'm fascinated by complex theoretical things that I can't quite get my brain around. Seriously, I took calculus in highschool, not because I'm good at math or physics, but for the challenge. I will never forget the last day of class, when my teacher proved that eiπ=-1 or something. Anyway.

Most Awesome Use of Controversial Fetal Tissue
Fetal Skin Grafts Mend Burns And Eliminate Need for Surgery (29)
My Synopsis: Tissue grown in a lab replaces the need for skin grafts and heals burns much, much better.
Why It's Awesome: Because it's so very much better than previous treatments, and burns are so very nasty.

Story That Made Me Say: "Yay!!!"
Ivory Billed Woodpecker Declares Itself Unextinct (4)
My Synopsis: Not officially sited since the 1940's, the bird was seen in February by two qualified witnesses.
Why I Said "Yay!!!": The article beautifully conveyed the excitement and joy of the people involved in the sighting. And one less extinct animal can't be a bad thing.

Well that about wraps it up. There were a number of other articles I considered including in this list, but I said ten, so I must stick with ten!


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