Friday, May 25, 2007

More Facebook Groups

I joined a couple environmentally-oriented causes on Facebook, including Stop Global Warming and the Green Challenge or something. I’m pretty poor so I don’t consume a lot, I recycle every scrap of paper and everything else that’s recyclable, I buy stuff from second-hand stores. I wish I could afford fair trade things and organic produce but I’m not at that point financially yet. I’m lucky I live in a new building which was designed to be somewhat energy efficient. I don’t own a car, so I walk or take the bus. I have fibromyalgia so riding my bike is too painful. I’d like to get a moped or even a more comfortable bicycle someday. I try not to get too many bags at the grocery store, but the ones I do get I reuse or recycle.

I’ve tried to change my cat litter to more environmentally friendly types, like recycled newspaper (Yesterdays News brand), those crystal kinds, wood shavings etc. but none of them work very well – they either track more, smell worse, or don’t clump (which makes you have to use more), than clay (which is strip-mined). I’ve heard about wheat litter but haven’t been able to find it at any stores here (ontario).

I try to buy food in bulk or that has less packaging. I also try to buy more fresh and local foods, but since I am only one person, they go bad very quickly and going to the store everyday isn’t good for the environment either, since i have to take the bus. I try to avoid buying anything plastic, especially containing PVC.

I worry a lot about the coming weather changes, keep reminding people who consume more about global warming, and get angry at politicians who aren’t doing enough, though I don’t know if any of that is helpful! I give energy-saving coupons to my family if I can’t use them, to encourage them to make small changes. I like to learn about new products and energy systems. I watch documentaries about the environment and try to stay informed. I don’t feel like I’m doing nearly enough, but I’m doing what I can with such limited finances!

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