Thursday, May 24, 2007

What I mean by companion:

I see a lot of people using this word to describe a same-sex romantic partner, but that’s not how I’m using it. Though I’m “heteroflexible” (my new favourite word), what I’m looking for is friendship first, someone to be my “main” person, and I’d be theirs. This could be with a man or a woman. A sexual/romantic relationship would be a bonus, but is not necessary. We’d share most things with each other, perhaps even live together. If it were to be a platonic relationship, it would still have a level of commitment that we’d trust each other not to just run off with someone else, or let someone else take over our lives. We’d be committed to being single. Though open to love relationships with others, we’d share the characteristics of being very picky, seldom dating. We would expect to be together for years, but wouldn’t begrudge one another getting married or something like that. Ours wouldn’t be a relationship of convenience, one we were in while we were waiting for Mr. or Miss Right to come along. We’d be satisfied with our lives the way they were and take our relationship seriously. Of course it would be great if it turned out that this companion and I were in love and that’s that, but it’s more important to me just to have the intimacy of a deeply committed friendship.

Now I’ve laid the foundation for what I want. I am happy with my life as a single person right now, but it would definitely be enriched by sharing it with a like-minded other.

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