Saturday, May 26, 2007

Yoga goal

I believe that the universe conspires to help you when you are going down the right path, but my faith took it’s first recorded blow yesterday when I tried to go to the Community Yoga class at my local studio. It was cancelled – the instructor said they NEVER cancel, except this one time – the last class of the teachers in training who instruct the drop-in. It took me a year to work up the courage to go – I have a very strong fear of being judged because of my weight, even with my social anxiety improvements. I was quite upset about it. But I did manage to do some stretching yesterday.

So I’m going to try to go to another class soon, but in the meantime I’m setting the subgoal of doing at least one sun salutation a day. I will do it this afternoon or before I go to bed today.


I sometimes write things that I don't really mean or believe. These are not to be taken literally, nor as definitive statements about me or my beliefs. Thoughts and emotions are transient, and I reserve the right to change my mind, generalize, exaggerate, give strong opinions, or write other possibly offensive statements. I don't lie, but I may say something that's not true to check whether I believe it or not, or to make a point. Call it creative license. This is my blog, and do have the right to say what I want. I'm using it in creatively therapeutic ways. Whatever the reader may think of me and my words, please believe that my core intentions are always good and I never willingly hurt anyone.