Sunday, May 27, 2007


I’m trying to change my attitude towards yoga. I want to learn to see it as a tool for spiritual growth and healing rather than exercise. In my practice I want to focus on breathing and being in tune with my body rather than trying to “work out”, push myself or attain “perfect postures”. I would like to include chanting, pranayama and sitting meditation into my practice as well as asana. I think it would help if I studied yoga philosophy as well, and tie it in with my ayurvedic study. I want to spend at least 2 hours a day involved in yoga, perhaps more, perhaps split into several sessions. I would also like to vary my activities and see if there are methods of yogic walking.

I am interested in vedanta and developing all four yogas – jnana, raja, bhakti and karma. I want to find personal ways to accomplish these factors, ones that are comfortable and practical to where I am in my process. For instance, I don’t see myself bringing milk to a deity at a hindu temple, or volunteering for habitat for humanity! I have been resistant to the karmic and bhakti paths in the past, but I am starting to open up to them. I will have to do more research, but it is possible that singing kirtan can be my bhakti, and infusing my knits with karuna (compassion) by meditating with them can be karma. Also, asana can serve as bhakti – caring for my body, prana and the divine within. Asana can also be raja if I include meditative poses and generally attain a meditative state while I practice. Jnana will only be difficult to fit in because I like reading about so many different things. I will probably have to put some other interests aside for now, but I think ayurveda can be part of my jnana practice.

If my social plans fall through tomorrow I am going to try to go to the community class at Atlas studio. I am a little less comfortable going to that studio than the Queen street one, but I think I can get over that. Living within blocks of both studios is great, because they seem to be quite different in the types of classes, schedules and fee options. But I am glad they both have community classes.

I still haven’t done my surya namaskara today, but I will before I go to bed, which will be soon.

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