Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gratitude on Canada Day

I figure as a birthday present to my country, I will reflect on things about Canada that I am grateful for.

1. Our reputation as “polite” and “friendly”. I am proud that we are known for these characteristics, and I hope we continue, as a nation, to behave in ways that prolong this status.

2. Our size. We are the biggest country in the world, and with a relatively small population, we have some unspoiled land, refuges for wildlife, amazing national and provincial parks, gorgeous scenery ranging from snowcapped mountains to blue Georgian Bay waters, dense forests, rolling farmlands, ocean cliffs…I could go on forever. Canada is a beautiful country that experiences the full range of the four seasons.

3. Universal healthcare. It’s nowhere close to perfect, but I will forever be grateful that I at least can see my doctor when I need to without having to pay for it, that if I ever get injured, surgery is covered, access to the best medicines and technology, and a society open to all alternative health care practices.

4. Our government system. I’m totally ignorant about how things really work, but I’m grateful that we have more options than the two-partied system in the US. I just wish more people would take advantage of having more than two parties. But that’s another tirade.

5. Freedoms. Freedom of speech, dress, religion, ideology, profession, etc. etc. I cannot even fathom living in a society that doesn’t allow these things, that is intolerant, fascist, fundamentalist…I know I am very lucky to have been born here.

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