Monday, July 09, 2007

I emailed 2 therapists today.

Both were out of Toronto. I found them on psychology today’s website.
It’s actually a great directory because each therapist is listed with their own description of what they do, what their specialties are, usually a picture, fees, insurance coverage, type of therapy etc. Basically everything you would want to know before you called them.

the first one I emailed was a group practice. I figured they’d be flexible enough to find me what I needed, which is always different than your standard therapy.

The second one was a very interesting woman, with a kind-looking picture, who is influenced by Buddhism and Integral Theory, among other things. Basically she sounds like she is exactly what I need, she’s going to understand what the heck I am talking about when I say my difficulties are my spiritual journey. She’d be able to help me use Buddhism even more to improve my experiences in life. She’s also very focused on shame and feelings of unworthiness, and well, so am I! So I really hope she gets back to me, and that I can work something out with her. She’s not a clinical psychologist, so she probably won’t be covered by ODSP, but she’s got a sliding scale, and I’ll probably be able to arrange at least some meetings with her on the days that I see Dr. Saul in Toronto, so some of the transporation costs will be covered. Finding her may just be one of those great turning points. I have high hopes!

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