Tuesday, November 25, 2008

43 Things: Eating Disorder - Update

I’ve signed up for two group courses, both of which I failed to make it to. I’m just no good in the mornings. However, my contact at the clinic keeps calling to find out if I want to try again, so I’ve signed up for the next group in January, in the afternoon. In the meantime, I have been bingeing less often, and extremely rarely do I eat large quantities when I do. Some of this has to do with my financial problems and not being able to afford it, some of it has to do with the progress I’ve made emotionally since working with my therapist. We rarely talk about my eating, but working through my emotional issues helps indirectly, because I most often binge when I have strong unpleasant emotions such as frustration and anger. Lately I don’t feel these as often, or as strongly, and on some occasions when I have felt them I’ve responded by not wanting to eat instead. I believe that with more therapy my eating will continue to improve, however, it can’t hurt to go to additional groups focussed specifically on eating. I am hoping to do the Skills group, which will give me ways to deal with my emotions besides eating. It may not be in the afternoon, however, so in that case I am planning to do the Symptom Interruption group, in which you make specific goals about eating and try to achieve them. Either group may be helpful.


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