Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day In Toronto Point Form

  • spent day in Toronto
  • saw therapist and pain specialist
  • good session & adjusted meds - hopefully now can sleep and stop bad symptoms
  • weather was nice for part of day, unexpected
  • got cute pink outfit $10, enjoyed Spadinatown
  • total exhaustion, so glad to be home
  • bed straight-away, tho wish I could catch up on Twitter, FB & email
  • fuller account, maybe, tomorrow
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I sometimes write things that I don't really mean or believe. These are not to be taken literally, nor as definitive statements about me or my beliefs. Thoughts and emotions are transient, and I reserve the right to change my mind, generalize, exaggerate, give strong opinions, or write other possibly offensive statements. I don't lie, but I may say something that's not true to check whether I believe it or not, or to make a point. Call it creative license. This is my blog, and do have the right to say what I want. I'm using it in creatively therapeutic ways. Whatever the reader may think of me and my words, please believe that my core intentions are always good and I never willingly hurt anyone.