Tuesday, August 11, 2009

43Things - I've Done: How to find new friends

"I looked online and found a lot of people who are very nice"

How I did it: I joined Twitter, and I placed an ad in the friendship personals section on kijiji. I did meet a friend in real life, but most of my new friends are online - ok for me since I have chronic illness and can't go out socially very frequently. Amazing group of friends on twitter, like having my own 24 hour support network. It only took me a few months of regular twittering to gain an amazing community online. I'm so grateful and have added many of them to my smaller, closer Facebook Network.

I also got involved with health activism - I helped found a new charity for ME/CFS and have made a lot of connections with others who have chronic illness, and some very close friends :)

Lessons & tips: Really, just put yourself out there. Be honest about who you are, be friendly and care about other people and what their lives are like. Try Twitter. I can't say enough about it!



It took me 5 months.

It made me supported


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