Sunday, December 06, 2009

Final Post #rrreadathon

I gave myself an extra hour because I didn't actually start reading until 10 a.m. yesterday. Alas, I didn't quite finish the third book. But, I DID finish the Readathon, so yipeee! I think I'll have to celebrate properly later, as I'm pooped, verily done for, of course!

Currently Reading: The Escher Twist
Pages Read: 192
Total Books Finished: 2 (Lover Enshrined, A Separate Peace)
Total Pages Read: 761
Total Time Spent Reading: 16 hours (approximately - my math is done for)

Strange thing is, yes I'm exhausted but I'm also awake. If that makes any sense. Which it probably doesn't! Oh well! I got nothing to say at this point except I had a great time, it was fun and I'd do it again in a heart beat. After I sleep this one off!

*pats self on back*


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