Saturday, December 05, 2009

Hour 14 Challenge 2: A Separate Piece of Furniture

Readathon MadLibs, what could be more fun?! Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And yes, I may be suffering from hour 15 madness!

Once upon a time in the land of The Far Commons, there lived Phineas and Mr. Patch-Withers happily ever after. Is that not how the story always goes?!? On the night before the first day of school, Phineas was sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden there was a flinch. S/he jumped out of bed to awaken Mr Patch-Withers.

As both stood there, looking at the furniture in their front room, they felt worried. How could it be? Was it true? To be face to face with furniture was not possible. What were they to do?

With quick thinking, Phineas and Mr Patch Withers exchanged a knowing glance and enlisted.

From there, we may never know what happened in this story. It could be strange. Or, it could be conspiratorial. It truly is a mystery! However what we do know is this . . . . I love you forever didn't always need to be spoken to be understood.

The End

Teehee that's just silly and absurd. Which makes it made of AWESOME! Yep, definitely having second-wind giddiness.

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