Saturday, December 05, 2009

Read Read Readathon Begins!!

Readathon started about 10 minutes ago, I'm ready! Most of my days already qualify as a readathon anyway, but today is special :) This is my very first readathon and I'm really happy to be participating. I don't have any theme in mind, and as a matter of fact I can not decide what to read! Which might turn out to be in my favour since I have lots of options if I get sick of one thing.

Right now I'm already in the middle of a book called "Lover Enshrined", which is the 6th book in the Brotherhood of the Dagger series by J.R. Ward. I'm also contemplating reading the Shrodinger's Cat and Illuminatus Trilogies by Robert Anton Wilson which have been staring at me from my book shelves for years. I did get partway through the Illuminatus Trilogy once but I was so clueless about it, I thought I'd better start with the earlier work. In addition, I have a non-fiction book called "The Spiritual Anatomy of Emotion" from the library. It's quite a tome. And then there are about 50 books on my shelves that I haven't read yet, so I have lots to choose from if I feel like I need a change. I think I will start by finishing Lover Enshrined, because I am a bit compulsive when it comes to finishing books before starting a new one.

I admit, I didn't prepare well for this readathon, other than being lucky enough to have just done grocery shopping. But I have a number of take out places just around the corner if I don't want to whip anything up. I'm very good at making quick meals, however, and I have smoothie ingredients and even meal replacement drinks, so I think I'm pretty freaking set!! Good luck to everyone else participating, I'll be tweeting as I go as well as updating here on my blog as much as I can. Unfortunately my netbook died this week, so I'm having to use my desktop to do it (I can tweet from my iPhone), which is difficult for me because I have chronic pain. But it should be okay since I'll just need it every so often to update and cheer on my "buddies".

Happy Reading!


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