Sunday, December 06, 2009

Update 11 #rrreadthon

I had to get out of the bath to make this update. The nice, warm, soothing bath! Oh yeah, I'm so hard done by, right? Having the leisure to stay up all night reading, such a tough life. LOL. Well. I'm enjoying The Escher Twist a lot. It's still a light read, but I'm a bit uncertain where I stand with it.

When I picked the book up, I thought it would be a straightforward type of thing, like a grade 9 reading level or even less. I don't know how these things are judged. But immediately when I started reading I got the impression it was more sophisticated than I thought. However, I'm not even half-way through and it seems like the pieces are coming together too easily. I hope it's just meant to throw the reader off-track, because otherwise I'm going to have to take back that sophisticated thing and wonder what could possibly make up the remainder of the book.

That said, the book itself seems to be planned out like an Escher print, all the pieces look like they are going to fit together precisely in a - ahem - twisted Escher-type way. (If you aren't familiar with M.C. Escher, I highly recommend you look up his work. It's fascinating and pleasing to the eye. Full of optical illusions, amazing patterns and geometric shapes. He's always been a favorite of mine.) And like an Escher print, the story is quite pleasing too, with characters that are quaint despite their shallow treatment. Enough reviewing!

Currently Reading: The Escher Twist
Pages Read: 97
Total Books Finished: 2 (Lover Enshrined, A Separate Peace)
Total Pages Read: 666 (Oh NO!!!)
Total Time Spent Reading: 13.5 hours

I feel much better for my bath, and I think I'm going to get this book done by 9 a.m. thanks to all the white space created by super-short chapters. But if I don't, I'm going to keep reading until it's done. After all, I didn't actually start reading until 10 a.m. yesterday. I'll be staying out of the bath unless I start feeling really sore again. It was a nice experience in there, but it did make me a bit drowsy at times! I'm nice and warm again, so I'm going to go back to The Nook, pull up some blankets and my dog (who was upset about me being in the bath and therefore inaccessible for laying on or against - and she hates water so is utterly confused about why I'd want to lay in it for hours), and make yet another cup of tea. The last one I had was Earl Grey Green, and it was delish. I haven't eaten in hours, and I'm hungry, but I don't really trust my tummy after being up for so long. I've got a meal replacement beverage at the ready if I feel like I need something in there other than more tea.

It's the home stretch! How many soldiers are left to carry on to the end?

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