Saturday, December 05, 2009

Update 2 #rrreadathon

I'm not getting very far, it seems, but then there's 24 hours to this thing ain't there! My stats:

Books Read: Lover Enshrined
Pages Read: 179
Total Books Finished: 0
Total Pages Read: 179
Total Time Spent Reading: 3 hours

My friend J called me on the phone and we chatted for about 15 minutes, and then I spent 6 minutes watching the 'break' video over at Dreadlock Girl Reads - it's the evolution of dance video - I've seen it before, but it's great and I needed another smile! I had to turn down J's invite to come over tonight because I'm totally dedicated to this readathon. Which makes me 110% book geek, doesn't it. I'll see her next weekend tho.

I'm still trying to zoom through this book, but I keep getting distracted by things like tea and oreo cookies. The latter of which are all gone now so won't be a problem anymore. Some more snacks I have lined up - crackers and two types of dip - garlic hummus and red pepper feta dip. Yum. But for now, I'm going to make more tea - I think I'll be using up a huge amount of my caffienated stash today. I'm saving the coffee for later tonight when things get hairy! Tho I do feel quite tired already and am probably going to have to nap at some point. Unless I pull one of my reading second and third winds out of my butt like I've done when I've spent a weekend reading a thick awesome book like The Host (Stephanie Meyers) or Angels and Demons (Dan Brown)!

So, I'm putting the kettle on, doing a couple yoga stretches while I wait for the boil, and getting back to flipping pages!

PS. Three of my four "buddies" have still yet to post any readathon blogs yet, I know HeadacheSlayer is at a party today and nomadreader is also unable to do the whole thing, but I'll keep checking in with their blogs each time I post! Ash (English Major) is doing well, and Jessi (Casual Dread) is MIA - she hasn't posted on her blog since September. I wonder if she's just updating on Twitter? I should see if I can find her on there.

Keeping the candle lit (you know, to read by)


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