Saturday, December 05, 2009

Update 3 #rrreadathon

Update time again already? My book must be pretty good, since time seems to fly when I'm reading it! Stats:

Books Read: Lover Enshrined
Pages Read: 243
Total Books Finished: 0
Total Pages Read: 243
Total Time Spent Reading: 4.25 hours

I have about 100 pages left of my book. Depending on how cliff-hangerish the ending is, I do have the next book in the series, Lover Avenged, to go to as an option.

Had some more tea, curled up with my dog and my cat - the weather has turned mighty cold here so today is a great day to get all wrapped up in our blankets and huddle together for warmth. My dog is such a huge suck, she was so in love with me when I covered her with a blanket and brought her up to my lap to snuggle and pet while I read. And of course the cat had to get in on that action too! Daisy (dog) gave me this look when I got up to write this entry: "Come back to bed momma, I'm getting cold again!" She's such a sweetie. More tea, and I'm getting hungry, so I'm breaking out the crackers and dip!

Oh, lucky me, I won a prize already! From the Virtual Prize Bucket, I've chosen The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova, who wrote The Historian - which I totally loved. I'm so excited! There's a lot of great books on the prize list but when I saw that one I had to scoop it up as soon as I saw it. wOOt!

Back to the books!


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