Sunday, December 06, 2009

Update 9 #rrreadathon

Oh LAWD am I getting antsy. I think doing that sun salutation to get my blood flowing to my frigid hands and feet had the adverse effect of getting my blood flowing in general. I had a mess of a time sitting still to finish A Separate Peace, but I did 'er. And I had so much interest from my tweeps about it (well, okay about 3 of them) that I did a li'l rambling on Goodreads: I'm fairly new to Goodreads, so somebody please tell me if this doesn't actually link to my not-really-review of the book (I'm Michelle Martin on there - and IRL and on Facebook too). I was pleasantly surprised that I found a lot of good stuff to grasp out of all of that non-action. As in contemplating human nature, specifically the created battle between the shadow and the persona (to use Jungian terms) in the individual and the collective social beast. My blurb is totally worthy of triggering a high school (or possibly even college level) literature essay, if I do say so myself. Feel free to poach it if you happen to be reading this book. Many people did read it in highschool, but alas, I was stuck with The Mayor of Casterbridge and Who Has Seen the Wind or some shit.

Currently Reading: A Separate Peace (finished)
Pages Read: 196
Total Books Finished: 2 (Lover Enshrined)
Total Pages Read: 569
Total Time Spent Reading: 11 hours

I had to type up my Goodreads ramblings from my iPhone while I restarted this languid beast of a desktop since it was furiously doing something behind the scenes that it had not been asked to do, and was moving at the rate of a turtle carrying an Egyptian pyramid on its back. If you know what I mean. So I probably woulda coulda written more, but it's too late, I'm moving on.

Moving on to what, I have not yet decided. I guess I'll have another browse o' the old book shelf and pick up the next slimmest volume! There's, what, less than 6 hours left to this madness.

I had some soup, some peppermint tea (I know, no caffeine, but by the time I'd realized grievous error I'd already ripped open the package and could not perform the sacrilege of leaving a tea bag out in the air to grow stale. ) My hands are freezing again, but I'm a bit less antsy. That may change if I decide to do another sun salutation for the circulation issue. Why am I resisting the bathtub? Probably because I'm too cold to think about taking my clothes off, even if it is to slip into a hot tub of water. Maybe I'll just try some jumping jacks.

Do not go quietly into this dark night, Readers, rage, rage against the dying of the candle light which you read by (you know, if this were the 1800's).


I sometimes write things that I don't really mean or believe. These are not to be taken literally, nor as definitive statements about me or my beliefs. Thoughts and emotions are transient, and I reserve the right to change my mind, generalize, exaggerate, give strong opinions, or write other possibly offensive statements. I don't lie, but I may say something that's not true to check whether I believe it or not, or to make a point. Call it creative license. This is my blog, and do have the right to say what I want. I'm using it in creatively therapeutic ways. Whatever the reader may think of me and my words, please believe that my core intentions are always good and I never willingly hurt anyone.