Thursday, May 28, 2009

Campaign Month is Over, but we are JUST GETTING STARTED

May 2009 marked the beginning of the Blue Ribbon Campaign and in a short month we've seen the BRC message spread all over the world. Thanks to modern technology like Twitter and Facebook, we've made connections and affected many lives. But we are just getting started!  

Before we can make a big impact on research and real help for those of us affected by CFS/ME, we need to register to become a non-profit - and that costs money!  We are a small group of very accountable individuals, who have already put in differing amounts of our OWN money as well as countless hours. We want as much as money as possible to go directly to fund research projects, raise awareness etc. Please donate here: - every penny of the money raised right now will go towards filing our registration papers - fees of $500 USD.  

Our vision is grand, and our hearts are grand. We've seen the real power in a few voices that grew to be a thousand as we spread the word about these disorders this month. It only motivates us to work harder, fight harder, and band more closely together as a team. Through every challenge, our vision and integrity is clear - we will not back down, we will not give up, we will not go away until we are heard and cured!!  Please join us, support us. Even $1 makes a big difference to us.  Only 500 people need to donate $1 and we get our feet on the ground. From there, skies the limit. We think BIG. :)  

Please donate:  BRC4ME!!!


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