Saturday, February 06, 2010

I've been mostly grain-free for a month

I started on the Paleo Diet at the beginning of January, which is a grain-free diet. I have had a few chocolate bars, but only one bread product. I’ve noticed my fibro/myofascial pain in my legs has been significantly reduced, and as of today I’ve lost 5lbs and several inches on my bust, hips and waist. I have also had quite a bit more energy. All good reasons to continue! It was really hard at first to not eat the forbidden foods – which also include beans and potatoes, and I was afraid it would be really expensive, but things are going well. I’m eating a lot of fish, making chilis and stews and stirfries. There are probably a little grain products in some of the sauces I’m using – I can’t afford to replace them all with the expensive gluten-free products, but it has been enough to make a difference. I’ll be going dairy-free in another few days, replacing my coffee cream with almond milk.


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